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I am a trained Russian English translator with a degree in Linguistics. Russian is my mother tongue, and I am equally proficient in English and have been living in the UK over 10 years.










I translate commercial texts, legal contracts, commercials proposals, websites, user and training manuals, presentations, marketing literature, medical and pharmaceutical texts, and other documents from Russian into English and from English into Russian.



I proofread all my translations thoroughly before returning them to you. I always research the subject and use reference books to make sure that your specialist translations are of the highest quality. I shall contact you for clarifications, if I need them.

I work with majority subjects and formats including informal and formal correspondence.


As a professional translator I offer CERTIFIED Russian to English or English to Russian translation of documents for official use. In addition, I provide Certified Translations of the above documents from Ukrainian and Belarusian, Latvian and Lithuanian as well as Estonian into English.

If you require a Technical Translation I can help you as well. I have substantial experience and can handle  many technical subjects.

To see my translation samples, please visit my Translation Samples page and you are welcome to read Testimonials from my clients.

I also work with recognized translators of Other Languages who are native speakers, to ensure your document is translated to the highest standard.

No inflated agency charges and a personal service guaranteed!

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